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GQ GemEvery time we read The Paperbag Princess, Stellar is reminded of how not to marry “a bum.” She quickly figured out that the only way to prevent this from happening is to marry her little sister Gem. Yes, she’s a genius. So this pre-wedding session is fully inspired by her brilliant idea:) Needless to say, daddy Lon approves. Gem makes for a beautifully handsome groom and of course Stellar is a natural blushing bride. They’re looking forward to their honeymoon at the nearby public park. As their parents, we couldn’t be happier:D

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It’s been quite the wild and amazing journey creating my budding family photography business during these past months. It’s been challenging to find time and reflect upon all that has been happening. I guess that time is now. I’ve been fortunate to work with the most incredible families. Each family has their own special dynamic and are inspiring in the ways they love. They’re all the real deal. Parents who are devoted to giving their all and more for the fam. Kids who are having a blast being kids. I truly feel honored to be capturing their cherished moments.

The 3 words that has kept me moving in this business/craft is well… It’s so easy to get caught up in the millions of thoughts that ‘i’m not good enough’ or ‘he/she is better than me so why bother’. All people who are involved in any art of creating struggle with it. It’s enough to have anybody quit. Nothing gets accomplished. No one becomes inspired. Steven Pressfield’s previous book, ‘The War of Art’ is summed up by the title of his new book ‘Do the Work!’ Actually, I gained more insight than that, but that’s what sticks. Have I read the new book yet? Nope, cuz I’ve been busy practicing the title:P

Summer is coming to an end so that means it’s back to school. Maternity leave is officially done. I’m returning to my current day job of being an elementary school teacher. I do however intend on continuing with my family photography business as well. What will that look like? It will depend on how my teaching and being a mom schedule goes:P The last thing I want to do is quit. Onward we go.

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work it gurl, work it.It’s now my turn to post. Janet, my photografriend (she coined the term:P), came to me with the idea to spend some time one afternoon to take portraits of each other. I couldn’t pass it up! Brilliant!! It was definitely a great way to catch up on life, business and other stuff. It just so happened that we found this amazing space with concrete walls, amAZing light and a wind tunnel that acted as our own hair blowing wind machine!

Janet has always graciously openly shared her wisdom and experience with photography:) She’s also traveled far and wide to attend a variety of photography workshops given by some masters. If you check out her site, you’ll see some portraits she’s taken of me, her documented amazing work and travels:D

In the past, I know she’s battled with the forced-wide-grinned-pearly-white smile, including myself:P Hopefully,these images above showcase a glimpse into the natural true beauty of Janet.

Thanks Jan for this awesome time and all that you learn and share:D

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For most of Stellar’s young life, she wasn’t into dresses. Then one day, she decided it was the better wardrobe choice and that was it. I blame it on the following ladies: Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. Disney wins, yet again. Recently, she’s been advising me that gloves would make her outfit even more beautiful. Gloves?!?? Obviously, she and I have lots to talk about:P This yellow number is by far her fave.

Well, the dress wasn’t bought by me. It was given by my dad’s new partner. I can’t even say the ‘w’ word even though they are now legally married. She literally came and overloaded my daughters with gifts along with a big 2lb bag of candy. I would say it’s been over a year since my parents separation, but the awkwardness and healing is far from over. Some days I try to see things from her point of view, but it’s nearly impossible. It’s okay if the awkwardness continues with me. Though as a mom, I instinctively want my daughters to be sheltered from all forms of brokenness. I know however, this can’t be done. The journey to discover beauty in brokenness continues…

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yes people, I’m now one.So it’s officially been a year since my little Gem Gem, Gemiqua, Gemmy, Gemmifer, Gemalicious, Gemster, Gemalaya came into this crazy world. She’s been such a huge blessing to Lon, myself and especially Stellar. Generally, she’s been super chill & relaxed like Lon. Stellar’s intense & passionate about what she wants, just like her mommy:P We’ve described Gem’s look as Beiber-ish, a little Donald Trump & homeless. Her hair has quite the personality if you’ve seen it up close and personal. Even so, she has the most beautiful smile and can hold her own against her sister when she needs to with hand swats & super shrieks.

I know you’re not supposed to compare children, but I’m guessing most parents have and still do:P We’ve noticed that Gem’s taken her time with most of her development compared to Stellar. It took her most of the year to associate the word ‘mama’ directly with me, she hasn’t started to walk yet (would rather scoot on her bum), plus her first teeth took about a year to come through. But with that said, she does live up to her name, even at the ripe old age of 1. My lil’ Gem is a gem.

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I came home one day after running some errands to find Lon passed out in the corner and Stellar as is. As you can see, I really don’t have to do much planning to get quirky pictures of Stellar, simply because of her natural sense of imaginary play. It’s truly amazing to watch kids create elaborate stories with very little to work with. All they really need is a cardboard box. I’ve witnessed some pretty cool cardboard box ‘houses’ set up at other homes. Most of the time, I feel that my money and efforts are wasted on gimmicky type of toys. The ones that require little to no use of imagination.

This particular day, Stellar decided to have twins. She explained to me how it was hard work carrying her babies (she’s listened in to many mommy conversations):P In addition to her twins she also had 2 other children grabbing for her attention. I tried to empathize, but I’m only a mother of 2—hehee. Miraculously, she delivered both healthy stuffed baby pandas in about two whole seconds! Yes, mommy and pandas are all doing well:) Congrats Stellar! OMG, does this mean I’m a grandma??

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Bath time ritual: take out crazy knots out of Gem’s hairrub the lucky belly:)“rubber duck’s peeing mom!”Gem enjoys the companyI believe it was at Stellar’s request to bathe together with Gem. We haven’t done it before because Gem couldn’t sit on her own for a while, and I really didn’t think the both of them would fit in the little blue Ikea bathtub. Well, surprisingly, they did. I guess that’s one of the perks of having two petite girls (totally from Lon’s gene pool) Hehee. Needless to say, they both had a blast. Plus we saved water. Bath time is now a high priority on Stellar’s ‘to do’ list.

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