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dr1dr3dr19dr15dr17dr4dr6dr9dr10dr11dr14dr20dr27dr21dr23dr22dr32dr28dr33dr26dr13 Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! We left our busy city and allowed the Dominican to recalibrate our mind and body. It was a great trip that had a balance of adventure and leisure:) Zip lining over forests, meeting dolphins and feeding monkeys didn’t allow for the camera but were all amazing to experience. Actually, what I enjoyed most was visiting the local people and getting a glimpse into their simple and challenging, yet vibrant lives. Driving every day on the local roads was an adventure in itself, by the end of our trip Lon picked up some new death defying skills. My only regret is not being able to stay behind and witness the partnership of World Vision Youth and Live Different building a new home for a family with the direct support of their local community. Maybe next time:)

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I don’t know about you, but my kids look starkly different from when they’re awake to when they sleep. Something magical happens to their faces…it softens, relaxes and they become absolute angels. For a moment, you somehow forget how they drove you crazy just minutes before:) Loovvve sleep.

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“A game” face.loves the chasesoaking in the small moments…Even at the young age of 2, she’s already beginning to show her true colours. Gem truly enjoys life, except when she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it. She doesn’t really look for mommy and daddy’s approval, as Stellar does. Let’s face it, she doesn’t even really notice that we’re around. She’s highly independent and dances to her own beat. What she will aspire to be is a big “???” And so, we’re really curious to see how things turn out. She’s definitely one of those stories where nothing is predictable and is full of surprises. We’re so thankful that Stellar is the bigger sister and can somewhat help guide and navigate Gem through life…we’re hoping–fingers crossed.

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all of the following images are shot by kids ages 10 & 11….yeahhh super coolios!This school year has been quite eventful, as it is every year teaching the young minds of the future:P This one has been extra super fun(for me…and hopefully the kids too!) since I started our school’s very first photography club:) As anticipated, many kids wanted to join…some didn’t even have a clue what it was about:P It’s my first year running it so I knew the numbers needed to manageable. Our members include 10 young artists from grade 4 and 5 classes. Most of them started off not knowing where the on and off button was. Now, only after a few short months, they’re handling their point and shoot cameras like young pros. Yup, Ms. Chiu couldn’t be more proud:D If you’re reading this and have an extra point and shoot camera lying around, memory cards, or any other fun camera gear to donate–the kids and I would be forever thankful!!!

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I would say this year was pretty monumental. It was the year of having 2 crazy beautiful girls as apposed to one. My new passion and family photography business began with the most incredible families who took a chance and believed in me and my work:D After my mat. leave ended, I returned to my full time job as an elementary teacher and continued to take photography work! Lon has continued to venture on with his new businesses and has ended our time at Mosaic Baptist in search of new beginnings.

Yeah, you can say that we’re ‘busy’. But for me, I want more. This year, I’m committed to doing more of what I love and also spend more time with the precious ones I love so dearly. Both Lon and I are at the crossroads and there are many paths to turn and take. Many thoughts to consider and reconsider. I truly long to make up my own rules to this game called life. To redefine what it means to work, rest and play. Valuing and soaking in each day as a gift, rightly so.

Yes, it’s January…obviously I didn’t get around to posting my fam. photos back in October…when the weather was in double digits!! Picking pumpkins in shorts and t-shirts!?? Well, let’s enjoy and reminisce. finally.making momma proud:)lil’ Gem crackin’ jokesthe girls hangin’ out at brickworkswhat.what.yup, she’s a natural.he’s been complaining of having neck problems and thinks it’s his pillow… word.goodbye 2011, hello to the new year.

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GQ GemEvery time we read The Paperbag Princess, Stellar is reminded of how not to marry “a bum.” She quickly figured out that the only way to prevent this from happening is to marry her little sister Gem. Yes, she’s a genius. So this pre-wedding session is fully inspired by her brilliant idea:) Needless to say, daddy Lon approves. Gem makes for a beautifully handsome groom and of course Stellar is a natural blushing bride. They’re looking forward to their honeymoon at the nearby public park. As their parents, we couldn’t be happier:D

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It’s been quite the wild and amazing journey creating my budding family photography business during these past months. It’s been challenging to find time and reflect upon all that has been happening. I guess that time is now. I’ve been fortunate to work with the most incredible families. Each family has their own special dynamic and are inspiring in the ways they love. They’re all the real deal. Parents who are devoted to giving their all and more for the fam. Kids who are having a blast being kids. I truly feel honored to be capturing their cherished moments.

The 3 words that has kept me moving in this business/craft is well… It’s so easy to get caught up in the millions of thoughts that ‘i’m not good enough’ or ‘he/she is better than me so why bother’. All people who are involved in any art of creating struggle with it. It’s enough to have anybody quit. Nothing gets accomplished. No one becomes inspired. Steven Pressfield’s previous book, ‘The War of Art’ is summed up by the title of his new book ‘Do the Work!’ Actually, I gained more insight than that, but that’s what sticks. Have I read the new book yet? Nope, cuz I’ve been busy practicing the title:P

Summer is coming to an end so that means it’s back to school. Maternity leave is officially done. I’m returning to my current day job of being an elementary school teacher. I do however intend on continuing with my family photography business as well. What will that look like? It will depend on how my teaching and being a mom schedule goes:P The last thing I want to do is quit. Onward we go.

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