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wvy nicaragua: la segunda parte

Hola. Yes, it’s been a year since I’ve posted the pics from our World Vision Youth trip. I guess it took me longer than a minute to adjust back from part-time teaching to full-time! #teacherlife, lol. I’ve taken a step back from my family photography business and picking up ‘the big camera’ in general. iphoneography has been my jam lately. Simple snappy snaps;) This year I focused on self-growth, teaching the arts(music, dance and visual arts) and everyday family life. After running through the photos from Nicaragua, I feel a sense of doing more personal work…not sure what yet. Let me dust off that big boy and see what happens.

Oh, and I posted a bunch of photos on this blog cuz I’m afraid if I separate them…the next batch probably won’t be posted until another year later! So if you’ve got the time, sit back and enjoy…

I made it a point to show my daughters this photo for some house cleaning inspiration.nic15nic16
loved hearing the kids share their creative writing stories.nic14
thats whats up.nic25that face.nic26nic28nic29as good as it gets.nic27minus the axe, he’s a really nice guy.nic17nic33our super duper awesome host family!!!nic34nic35the front porch dancing lessons rocked…one of my fave memories:)nic36bubbles breaking language barriers.nic45nic46awww…host momma packed him a snack.nic50nic48nic38caption this:)nic49nic58nic37big kids play time.nic19hola! Me llamo…nic20nic24the boys trying to share thoughts on sensitive issues surrounding violence against youth.nic55girls. they run the world.nic23so much beauty.nic40simplicity.nic53lots of play.nic56the very best…making new friends.nic57

wvy nicaragua: primera parte

nic6day 1: she’s touching the walls already.nic1our young and fabulous change agentsnic3Miriam, our fearless leader.nic5nic7nic4nic8nic9

I’ve always wanted to tag along with Lon on one of the yearly World Vision Canada Youth team trips. He’d always come home going on and on about how the youth teams and the people of Central America were nothing short of amazing. Before every trip, we both weren’t totally sure what to do with the kids if we were to bring them along. Then it happened… the idea of leaving the kids at home with grandparents was born. Trip booked.

Okay, so I did have the usual ugly Mommy thoughts: “Am I being a bad mom by leaving my kids behind?” “Will they be okay without me?” “Will they forever resent me for leaving them behind?”

I’m glad to say, none of those thoughts were true to begin with. They never are.

The first leg of the trip was meeting Miriam and the World Vision Nicaragua team. Their overwhelming sense of gratitude, deep community values and care for us kinda rocked my boat. Meeting the entire Canadian Youth Team sent me over the edge. It was like someone hand picked the most courageous, caring, and ridiculously talented young warriors on the planet. So, how did I know all of this on the very first day?

Each and every one of them showed up.

To be continued…

#livelikealex water walk


Over 400 people came together in London, Ontario in support of Alex’s dream. One year ago, on August 7’th, 19 year old Alex Foto was killed in a tragic bicycle accident. She was a bright shining light to many who were graced by her presence. After a trip to Kenya, Alex thought of having a national water walk to raise funds and awareness for global water projects.

In partnership with World Vision Canada, teams formed together to walk 6km carrying a 45 lb jerry can of water. Her spirit was very much with us that day during the heat and exhaustion. Everyone walked with hope and celebration. Alex believed in living each day to the fullest…making each day count…for others.

To #livelikealex is living with hope and giving our best.

the hill

Am I posting winter pictures in June? Uh, yes I am. I’ve been shooting events during the spring/summer and found these images left on my camera. I don’t miss the nasty cold but I do miss the winter sports. Yeah, I’m one of those Canadians who actually love the snow! LOL. Stellar had the privilege of taking snowboarding lessons for the first time this year…and yes, she absolutely loves it! This means we’ll be looking for more gear and lessons at the beginning of next winter. Lesson of the day: when winter gives you snow and ice, make it FUN!

the christmas market

jbcm4jbcm8jbcm2jbcm5jbcm12jbcm6 It was our family’s first trip to the distillery. T’was cooold yet sunny filled with Christmas cheer. We didn’t end up buying anything because things were on the high side. I almost caved into the local merry-go-round but held my ground thinking they can settle for a piggy back ride. We came away with 2 free giant kinder eggs and hot chocolate. In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, the best event was giving away our parking pass to another family on our way out.

girls just wanna have fun

jbfloor1jbfloor6jbfloor3jbfloor7 Gem is a natural born giggler. Most of the time, I want to bottle up those giggles to keep forever and ever. It doesn’t take that much for her to crack a smile, or make some sorta crazy face. She’s inherited my love of nonsense + silliness. But I on the other hand, bury it deep under the more dominant gene that says ‘things must be proper and organized.’ Gem is a daily reminder to play, dance and run free!!!

the basics

jbcups Stellar and Gem received a lot of amazing Christmas gifts this past year. We even baked special cookies for Santa…and our family and friends. They were SUPER excited to open all of the gifts as fast as they could. Their faces looked as if they just struck gold. The next day, I discovered them playing with cups..for hours. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the basics.