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jbfloor1jbfloor6jbfloor3jbfloor7 Gem is a natural born giggler. Most of the time, I want to bottle up those giggles to keep forever and ever. It doesn’t take that much for her to crack a smile, or make some sorta crazy face. She’s inherited my love of nonsense + silliness. But I on the other hand, bury it deep under the more dominant gene that says ‘things must be proper and organized.’ Gem is a daily reminder to play, dance and run free!!!

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jbcups Stellar and Gem received a lot of amazing Christmas gifts this past year. We even baked special cookies for Santa…and our family and friends. They were SUPER excited to open all of the gifts as fast as they could. Their faces looked as if they just struck gold. The next day, I discovered them playing with cups..for hours. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the basics.

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jbdoc Gem loves to play doctor. She sticks things in my ears, wraps my arms to check blood pressure, hits my knee to check reflex, listens to my heart go ba-bum, ba-bum. Oh…and instead of a lollipop, she offers me a mani-pedi. You can only expect the best from Dr. Gem.

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bike1-14bike2-14bike3-14bike4-14_bike5-14bike6-14bike10-14 While Gem naps, Stellar and I make the escape. We usually head to the park…one of her favourite spots. For her, it’s been ALL about the monkey bars. This past summer, Stellar has finally conquered the two wheel bike. The journey to and from the park has now become the best part.

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I LOVE 1st birthdays. It’s great celebrating a whole year of firsts. First time you take them home, first change, first feed, first burp, first smile, first tooth, first steps and especially the first time they sleep for more than 3 hrs straight! Emme was super happy celebrating with all of her special family and friends. Mom and Dad definitely made sure everyone was filled with good food and fun. I mean, what’s not to like about making your own caramel apples with fancy toppings?!? Oh yeah, and having a whole cake for yourself to cram your little hands into ain’t too bad either. I knew she was fully enjoying herself after hearing ‘mmMMMmm’ sounds after every finger lick. Emme, live it up. Happy Birthday!!!

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akfam6akfam1akfam15akfam16akfam8akfam9akfam5akfam2akfam7akfam12 It’s been a few years since I’ve had the privilege to photograph daring duo of Aidan and Kian :) They’re still as energetic and full of life as I remember. This time around was a little more extra special with their grandparents celebrating 40 years of marriage! Wowzers!!! I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to get after 40 years, but I’m thinking it must be BIG. Maybe, it’s having life sized golden statues of yourselves or matching diamond encrusted WWF-ish belts…or maybe teaching classes to the masses about the secrets of thriving together. Or it could simply be giving each other high fives for all of the hard WORK and looking forward to many more years together. Whatever it may be, a lot of celebration is in order. Congratulations!

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smr2 After a long crazy winter, we’re all glad you finally showed up:)

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