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someone’s happy to be hereHe’s chubbed up pretty quickly since I last saw him:P Love baby chubbs. The J fam moved into their new home with the new baby:) What more can you ask for? Big brother Jayden loves his new brother and is excited about the new playmate. Judging by how Jayden eats and baby Jaxson’s current track record, the parents better set aside some extra $$ for their appetite….oh and also future double date nights:P

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I can’t help but smile from ear to ear whenever I see baby Ryan. Is it his saggy cheeks? His perky ears? Or just his entire fabulous face? I love allll of it!! I remember the day Serena told me she and Ray were expecting their first child…cuz I had tears–yes I’m an emotional woman:P Serena and I have been teacher colleagues for quite some time. We’ve seen each other through the tough times and the super glorious days. I’ve always had great respect for her as a person, colleague and now a super mom:) She has an unlimited amount of patience and love for people. Ryan is going to be spoiled with her goodness. Ray is an awesome dad. He’s great at lending a listening ear and giving the very best advice. Plus he’s also multi-talented with his video/photography/drumming gigs. Ryan has inherited some serious gear. I know without a doubt baby Ryan is now part of an amazing family.

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Emmalina is a dream sleeper. She’s also quite the beauty:) Jenny and Eric are going to have to keep watch for future boys lining up at the door…and on fb, twitter, + who knows what else!?! Hopefully, big brother Ethan will help keep an eye out with a protective arm around her.

Jenny has been blessed yet again with an amazing sleeping baby. However, she’s hoping that her girl genes will kick in and be more mellow than Ethan. He’s an amazing big brother, sneaking in kisses for Emmalina here and there–so sweet. But he’s an active boy and is keeping mom pretty busy. Baby Emma has daddy already wrapped around her teeny tiny finger. I’m assuming it doesn’t take much to make daddy melt…just one look. Emmalina is lucky to have two great parents. Jenny’s the one who is prepared for everything and anything that comes her way. Eric is her rock and will do anything for her. Both parents adore her to no end. Beautiful family.

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What a small world. The first time I met Josie’s mom Cindy, I was unaware of the connections between us. Her sister is dating an old friend from my previous Church. Plus her sister met my husband Lon from being in the same wedding party a while ago. Cindy is also a teacher who has also extended her maternity leave as did I:P Josie, her 1 yr old daughter is the sweetest thing. She’s a little girl with lots of energy and joy:) Already a baby ‘supermodel’, she’s been featured in a Babies R Us catalog. With that adorable face, I can totally understand why.

I had tons of fun on Josie’s 1st Birthday shoot. It’s amazing how fast they grow-up, especially when your attention is divided between older siblings. Which reminds me, I have yet to take 1st year photos of my own daughter Gem:P Happy 1st Birthday Josie!!! Hope this is year is double the fun:D

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Chester checking out his new baby brother.Who’s waking me up from my beauty sleep?

So happy with momma.

Sweet daddy time.

Check me out in the fur:)I had bet that baby Luke was a girl, obviously, I was wrong:P It was mostly based upon the shape of Sylvia’s baby belly. Round=a girl. Pointy=a boy. I really don’t know the origin of this ‘fact’ but it didn’t hold true in this case. However, there is no mistake in Luke being the most tiny + super fabulous baby boy I’ve seen in a while. He definitely enjoyed being photographed. A natural poser. My fave is smiling while sleeping!

Sylvia is already an amazing mother. She was very well prepared for Luke’s arrival. I even picked up some tips on how to properly separate baby clothes in drawers, needless to say, she’s gifted at organization. I’m waiting for the day she can come out with baby Luke and help me organize my house, for real. No rush Syl! lol. Just watching Sylvia with baby Luke tells me he’s incredibly loved. He’s super blessed to have such a great momma.

Daddy Gary is beyond awesome. He makes sure that Sylvia has as much rest as possible. Even though this is his first son, I can tell he’s a natural. Most nights have been spent with daddy in the rocker…way to go Gary! I’m sure Gary & Sylvia have big hopes and dreams for their little boy, but for now, eating, sleeping, peeing + pooping are at the top of their list. Welcome to the world Luke!!!

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Okay, I haven’t posted a ‘sneak peek’ entry before, but I’m just too excited and can’t wait any longer to reveal an image of precious baby Luke! My good friend Sylvia asked me to take photos of her new bundle of joy who is now just over a week old. When I first laid eyes on him, I have to admit, I shed some tears of joy. It’s been quite the wait to finally meet this little guy. He’s beyond beautiful. All the best to you Sylvia + Gary, you’re super duper blessed! Stay tuned- more photos of baby Luke to come…

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This musical box was a Christmas gift given to Stellar from Poh-Poh(chinese, for grandma). Stellar loved it because it allowed her to store ‘secret treasures’ aka: random stuff lying around the house. For example, those little white balls from the Hungry Hippo game were once found there…not sure of their whereabouts now. Stellar then introduced this new collectors item to lil’ Gem & she was hooked! She was totally mesmerized by the spinning ballerina along with its music. Gem then discovered the best part: flicking the ballerina & watching it vibrate back and forth on its spring:P Or I could be wrong, she probably just loves looking at her fine baby self.

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