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wvy nicaragua: la segunda parte

Hola. Yes, it’s been a year since I’ve posted the pics from our World Vision Youth trip. I guess it took me longer than a minute to adjust back from part-time teaching to full-time! #teacherlife, lol. I’ve taken a step back from my family photography business and picking up ‘the big camera’ in general. iphoneography has been my jam lately. Simple snappy snaps;) This year I focused on self-growth, teaching the arts(music, dance and visual arts) and everyday family life. After running through the photos from Nicaragua, I feel a sense of doing more personal work…not sure what yet. Let me dust off that big boy and see what happens.

Oh, and I posted a bunch of photos on this blog cuz I’m afraid if I separate them…the next batch probably won’t be posted until another year later! So if you’ve got the time, sit back and enjoy…

I made it a point to show my daughters this photo for some house cleaning inspiration.nic15nic16
loved hearing the kids share their creative writing stories.nic14
thats whats up.nic25that face.nic26nic28nic29as good as it gets.nic27minus the axe, he’s a really nice guy.nic17nic33our super duper awesome host family!!!nic34nic35the front porch dancing lessons rocked…one of my fave memories:)nic36bubbles breaking language barriers.nic45nic46awww…host momma packed him a snack.nic50nic48nic38caption this:)nic49nic58nic37big kids play time.nic19hola! Me llamo…nic20nic24the boys trying to share thoughts on sensitive issues surrounding violence against youth.nic55girls. they run the world.nic23so much beauty.nic40simplicity.nic53lots of play.nic56the very best…making new friends.nic57

wvy nicaragua: primera parte

nic6day 1: she’s touching the walls already.nic1our young and fabulous change agentsnic3Miriam, our fearless leader.nic5nic7nic4nic8nic9

I’ve always wanted to tag along with Lon on one of the yearly World Vision Canada Youth team trips. He’d always come home going on and on about how the youth teams and the people of Central America were nothing short of amazing. Before every trip, we both weren’t totally sure what to do with the kids if we were to bring them along. Then it happened… the idea of leaving the kids at home with grandparents was born. Trip booked.

Okay, so I did have the usual ugly Mommy thoughts: “Am I being a bad mom by leaving my kids behind?” “Will they be okay without me?” “Will they forever resent me for leaving them behind?”

I’m glad to say, none of those thoughts were true to begin with. They never are.

The first leg of the trip was meeting Miriam and the World Vision Nicaragua team. Their overwhelming sense of gratitude, deep community values and care for us kinda rocked my boat. Meeting the entire Canadian Youth Team sent me over the edge. It was like someone hand picked the most courageous, caring, and ridiculously talented young warriors on the planet. So, how did I know all of this on the very first day?

Each and every one of them showed up.

To be continued…

the campbells

mj8mj5mj2mj1mj4mj14mj10mj15mj7mj11mj16mj13mj3This family session is a few years overdue as I had planned to take some baby photos of Silas. Now he’s a big brother to the twins, Amanya and Devon! Three makes for a much more eventful session anyways:) I loved having the kids play at home since they have a lot of extra land to run around in. Monica and James may be outnumbered, but excel at teamwork. Amanya and Devon are always on the go (except for snack time). Silas adores the twins…when they’re not after HIS toys. We ended the day with a delicious BBQ. Any day that ends with BBQ is a good day.

#livelikealex water walk


Over 400 people came together in London, Ontario in support of Alex’s dream. One year ago, on August 7’th, 19 year old Alex Foto was killed in a tragic bicycle accident. She was a bright shining light to many who were graced by her presence. After a trip to Kenya, Alex thought of having a national water walk to raise funds and awareness for global water projects.

In partnership with World Vision Canada, teams formed together to walk 6km carrying a 45 lb jerry can of water. Her spirit was very much with us that day during the heat and exhaustion. Everyone walked with hope and celebration. Alex believed in living each day to the fullest…making each day count…for others.

To #livelikealex is living with hope and giving our best.

lucas + jacob

I can’t believe it’s only been a couple of years since I had my first session with baby Lucas. Now he’s a big brother to baby Jacob. Yet again, our photo day was hot and humid. Sam and Fiona are now pros at this so it didn’t phase them one bit. Lucas is a thrill seeker and loves to be silly. Jacob loves to wear a smirk and knows he’s adorable. It was a fun packed day that ended with watermelon. Yes, they’ve got game.

surprise…a 40’th bday amazing race

acin1acin3 …because every good race includes a food challenge:)acin7acin8gelato is awesome when it’s not durianacin10acin12you would think having a pregnant friend would slow her down, think again.acin13acin14acin16acin17acin18now it’s time for the performing artsacin21acin25stunning. now calculate how many people can be seated here.acin24today, united we play.acin23mandatory sweating activities on the hottest day of the yearacin26impressive hand made clue cardsacin27welcomed by a family surprise at this leg of the raceacin28acin29acin30acin31parents were also actively involvedacin3340 cupcakes and 40 candles = a perfect endingacin34
Thinking of how to surprise a sister on her 40’th birthday is no easy task. When I heard of Janey and Norm’s idea of creating a personal amazing race throughout the city, I was ALL in. I imagined the ‘race’ going at a slower pace with Claudia, her pregnant teammate. I however, wasn’t fully aware of Cindy’s sense of competition and running skills:) Jasmine and I also tried our very best to resist her persistent line of questioning. Venturing out on a day of heat warnings, Cindy conquered each task like a champion. Definitely a great way to celebrate such a special day. Happy 40’th Cindy!!!

logan’s 1st birthday!

log8log3log4log9Welcome to my 1st birthday party! My mom’s a superstar so she made an awesome poster to match my cake:) log2log5log-1Hey! I hear something about my parents letting me have some chocolate cake…log11oh, yessssss…log12ssshhh…I’m having a moment.log15log18share??log16log17i’m feeling groovy dad. Let’s do that again.log19log20log21gift time… where have i gone?log22i’m loving this running thing.log23more of mom’s creative work.log24thanks mommy & daddy, it was a blast! log25 When Jen asked me to document Logan’s first birthday, I knew instantly it was going to be a lot of fun. I already know she’s super creative and talented from working with her at school. Without a doubt, she’s one awesome mom! Logan is very lucky to have such great friends and family. He’s super cute, easy going and happy (even without cake:)). Not only were the decor and people amazing…the fooood!!! I finally met Katrina, the woman behind the amazing pulled pork, fresh buns, homemade sauce and slaw. You can follow her amazing food adventures here. An afternoon with Logan and his family was an absolute joy to take part in their celebration of life and love.