wvy nicaragua: la segunda parte

Hola. Yes, it’s been a year since I’ve posted the pics from our World Vision Youth trip. I guess it took me longer than a minute to adjust back from part-time teaching to full-time! #teacherlife, lol. I’ve taken a step back from my family photography business and picking up ‘the big camera’ in general. iphoneography has been my jam lately. Simple snappy snaps;) This year I focused on self-growth, teaching the arts(music, dance and visual arts) and everyday family life. After running through the photos from Nicaragua, I feel a sense of doing more personal work…not sure what yet. Let me dust off that big boy and see what happens.

Oh, and I posted a bunch of photos on this blog cuz I’m afraid if I separate them…the next batch probably won’t be posted until another year later! So if you’ve got the time, sit back and enjoy…

I made it a point to show my daughters this photo for some house cleaning inspiration.nic15nic16
loved hearing the kids share their creative writing stories.nic14
thats whats up.nic25that face.nic26nic28nic29as good as it gets.nic27minus the axe, he’s a really nice guy.nic17nic33our super duper awesome host family!!!nic34nic35the front porch dancing lessons rocked…one of my fave memories:)nic36bubbles breaking language barriers.nic45nic46awww…host momma packed him a snack.nic50nic48nic38caption this:)nic49nic58nic37big kids play time.nic19hola! Me llamo…nic20nic24the boys trying to share thoughts on sensitive issues surrounding violence against youth.nic55girls. they run the world.nic23so much beauty.nic40simplicity.nic53lots of play.nic56the very best…making new friends.nic57