wvy nicaragua: primera parte

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I’ve always wanted to tag along with Lon on one of the yearly World Vision Canada Youth team trips. He’d always come home going on and on about how the youth teams and the people of Central America were nothing short of amazing. Before every trip, we both weren’t totally sure what to do with the kids if we were to bring them along. Then it happened… the idea of leaving the kids at home with grandparents was born. Trip booked.

Okay, so I did have the usual ugly Mommy thoughts: “Am I being a bad mom by leaving my kids behind?” “Will they be okay without me?” “Will they forever resent me for leaving them behind?”

I’m glad to say, none of those thoughts were true to begin with. They never are.

The first leg of the trip was meeting Miriam and the World Vision Nicaragua team. Their overwhelming sense of gratitude, deep community values and care for us kinda rocked my boat. Meeting the entire Canadian Youth Team sent me over the edge. It was like someone hand picked the most courageous, caring, and ridiculously talented young warriors on the planet. So, how did I know all of this on the very first day?

Each and every one of them showed up.

To be continued…