celebrating 40 yrs

akfam6akfam1akfam15akfam16akfam8akfam9akfam5akfam2akfam7akfam12 It’s been a few years since I’ve had the privilege to photograph daring duo of Aidan and Kian🙂 They’re still as energetic and full of life as I remember. This time around was a little more extra special with their grandparents celebrating 40 years of marriage! Wowzers!!! I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to get after 40 years, but I’m thinking it must be BIG. Maybe, it’s having life sized golden statues of yourselves or matching diamond encrusted WWF-ish belts…or maybe teaching classes to the masses about the secrets of thriving together. Or it could simply be giving each other high fives for all of the hard WORK and looking forward to many more years together. Whatever it may be, a lot of celebration is in order. Congratulations!