young talent

all of the following images are shot by kids ages 10 & 11….yeahhh super coolios!This school year has been quite eventful, as it is every year teaching the young minds of the future:P This one has been extra super fun(for me…and hopefully the kids too!) since I started our school’s very first photography club:) As anticipated, many kids wanted to join…some didn’t even have a clue what it was about:P It’s my first year running it so I knew the numbers needed to manageable. Our members include 10 young artists from grade 4 and 5 classes. Most of them started off not knowing where the on and off button was. Now, only after a few short months, they’re handling their point and shoot cameras like young pros. Yup, Ms. Chiu couldn’t be more proud:D If you’re reading this and have an extra point and shoot camera lying around, memory cards, or any other fun camera gear to donate–the kids and I would be forever thankful!!!