new beginnings

I would say this year was pretty monumental. It was the year of having 2 crazy beautiful girls as apposed to one. My new passion and family photography business began with the most incredible families who took a chance and believed in me and my work:D After my mat. leave ended, I returned to my full time job as an elementary teacher and continued to take photography work! Lon has continued to venture on with his new businesses and has ended our time at Mosaic Baptist in search of new beginnings.

Yeah, you can say that we’re ‘busy’. But for me, I want more. This year, I’m committed to doing more of what I love and also spend more time with the precious ones I love so dearly. Both Lon and I are at the crossroads and there are many paths to turn and take. Many thoughts to consider and reconsider. I truly long to make up my own rules to this game called life. To redefine what it means to work, rest and play. Valuing and soaking in each day as a gift, rightly so.

Yes, it’s January…obviously I didn’t get around to posting my fam. photos back in October…when the weather was in double digits!! Picking pumpkins in shorts and t-shirts!?? Well, let’s enjoy and reminisce. finally.making momma proud:)lil’ Gem crackin’ jokesthe girls hangin’ out at brickworkswhat.what.yup, she’s a natural.he’s been complaining of having neck problems and thinks it’s his pillow… word.goodbye 2011, hello to the new year.