janey + norman wedding: children’s photography

Janey is nothing but a gorgeous bride…Norm cleaned up pretty well too:)Here come the kids…Yes, it’s Lego time at the wedding banquet!Getting our groove on with bubbles:DYoung ladies and gents busta move with the hip hop instructor.Music class in session.Mad scientist demonstrating a little magic:PMmmmm…and now for the epic finale.best.wedding.ever.WOW!!! What kind of people hire awesome entertainment for kids of ALL age groups and a photographer dedicated just for the kids?! Janey and Norm were beyond amazingly thoughtful for all the parents and kids who joined in celebrating their monumental day. Yes, it was monumental. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the kids and capturing their incredible experience. When Janey first described the outline of the day, she mentioned the words ‘running/chasing after the kids’. Luckily, my legs were spared with minimal running. I did however experience some soreness due to bending down to their level–lol!

Needless to day, the kids and parents LOVED the overload of special programs that continued non-stop throughout the night. Stellar usually doesn’t move a leg, arm or eyebrow when other kids dance in public. I was completely shocked when she was moving and grooving along with the special musical entertainment. It was THAT good! It’s just too bad the kids will be expecting the same level of entertainment at their next wedding:P