tim + jo = tobin + mathis + breylin

Okay, so this post is soo long overdue!! I’ve just officially finished my first 2 weeks back as a teacher and I’m already worn out:P Seriously, my brain isn’t used to this great amount of stimulation after 16 mths of maternity leave–lol! So, the story is that I was supposed to take some newborn photos of sweet Breylin…but obviously, I missed the boat. She’s still super crazy cute 7 mths+ later:D Being 3rd in the family and a girl, she’s adored beyond belief. Her high energy brothers, Tobin and Mathis just can’t get enough of her. They have mini-battles over who gets to hold her hand and give her kisses. What.a.life. They’re obviously are having a blast being best buds. You can rate how much fun they have just by how tired Tim + Jo get each and every day.

Tim and Jo are awesome people. They both have their own fair share of fun and crazy. Their kids are constantly surrounded by top notch food and non-stop activities. This family is constantly surrounded by big love and an even bigger community. Life is definitely being lived.