julie + fred = owen + lauren

Owen has the kindest soul. He readily shares about his most precious things and thoughts of life with a big grin on his face. Being a firefighter is one aspiration. It’s hard not to be drawn to those big red trucks! There’s no doubt he’ll have the strength and stamina with the way he eats:P Gotta love Lauren’s bursts of laughter and squeals. She’s gonna be a heart breaker. Good thing big brother Owen will be there to defend and protect his lil’ sis.

Julie has a definite zest for life. She can easily find the good in any challenging situation. Julie does a lot on little sleep. She makes sure to pack each day with fun for the kids and providing enough food for her big eaters, all 3. Fred is amazing with Julie and the kids. Owen and Lauren both have a great dad who will always love and lead. What more can you ask for?