doing the work…

It’s been quite the wild and amazing journey creating my budding family photography business during these past months. It’s been challenging to find time and reflect upon all that has been happening. I guess that time is now. I’ve been fortunate to work with the most incredible families. Each family has their own special dynamic and are inspiring in the ways they love. They’re all the real deal. Parents who are devoted to giving their all and more for the fam. Kids who are having a blast being kids. I truly feel honored to be capturing their cherished moments.

The 3 words that has kept me moving in this business/craft is well… It’s so easy to get caught up in the millions of thoughts that ‘i’m not good enough’ or ‘he/she is better than me so why bother’. All people who are involved in any art of creating struggle with it. It’s enough to have anybody quit. Nothing gets accomplished. No one becomes inspired. Steven Pressfield’s previous book, ‘The War of Art’ is summed up by the title of his new book ‘Do the Work!’ Actually, I gained more insight than that, but that’s what sticks. Have I read the new book yet? Nope, cuz I’ve been busy practicing the title:P

Summer is coming to an end so that means it’s back to school. Maternity leave is officially done. I’m returning to my current day job of being an elementary school teacher. I do however intend on continuing with my family photography business as well. What will that look like? It will depend on how my teaching and being a mom schedule goes:P The last thing I want to do is quit. Onward we go.