cherry’s fab five

meet mommy fabulous:)the fab fam.Cherry’s family is the biggest one yet. 5 ppl + lil’ Maggie (the furry member). It’s true what they say…the bigger the family, the bigger the love. JC, Jazzmyn and Jahzara are an amazing trio. JC is a ‘tween’ but his maturity carries him beyond his years. He’s such a chill dude with the biggest heart. Jazzmyn is a young budding artist. She loves dance and using her hands to create masterpieces. Jahzara is a performer. Without any directing, she was twirling, swirling and really working the camera:D

Cherry is one amazing woman and mother. I’m in awe of her unending labour of love. Even having gone through the uphill battles for her health, she manages to press forward and continue to provide all the love and support for her family. Sal ensures the kids are at their best. Most importantly, he makes sure Cherry receives the utmost love and care. Big love lives here.