mika + vincent = aidan + kian

mommy, where did the plane go?Aidan and Kian are best buds. I mean, they even dress alike:P They love playing with each others stuffed toys, and well, especially with their awesome collection of trains and cars. Aidan’s fave train is named Hiro, same as his own Japanese name. If it wasn’t so boxy and made out of metal/plastic, I think it would be his next best sleeping buddy. He’s a great big brother, always caring for his little bro. Kian is such a little character. I love his quirky expressions and his love for food. He loves to explore and so sitting around isn’t his way of life. He’s a bundle of joy.

Mika is a super-momma. She works during part of the week but then makes sure her boys have full tilt fun during the rest of the week. She carefully plans ahead all play time and meal times to ensure her family gets the most out of each day. Oh and she also put together this fabulous family photo session wardrobe—just LOVE the different shades of green:) Love colour. Vincent strives to keep up the pace with his boys. He’s in tune with meeting all their needs and then gives more. I wonder if he secretly stays up at night playing with their cars and trains?