mary-ann + warren = rachel + evie

Our family session was long overdue…but definitely worth the wait. I had so much fun with big sister Rachel and little Evie:) Rachel loves her turtle, named Turtle and her princess book. But most of all, she loves to dance! Luckily, her dad is musically gifted on the guitar and in song. It wouldn’t surprise me if she grows up and takes the stage:D Evie loves to move and groove as well. She smiles big and wide. Evie loves the company of her older sister and wants to join in on the big girl fun!

Mary-Ann is such a dedicated working mom. Even with little sleep, she’s on the move with her girls to entertain and pack in as much fun as possible. She would do and give anything for her two beauties. Warren is one of those cool and composed dads. Don’t let that fool you, he’s also fully involved in the every day activities of the girls. He also makes special appearances with the girls at mommy group to substitute for Mary-Ann;P Warren and Mary-Ann work as an amazing team so that Rachel and Evie don’t even miss a beat.