janet kwan: wedding and portrait photographer

work it gurl, work it.It’s now my turn to post. Janet, my photografriend (she coined the term:P), came to me with the idea to spend some time one afternoon to take portraits of each other. I couldn’t pass it up! Brilliant!! It was definitely a great way to catch up on life, business and other stuff. It just so happened that we found this amazing space with concrete walls, amAZing light and a wind tunnel that acted as our own hair blowing wind machine!

Janet has always graciously openly shared her wisdom and experience with photography:) She’s also traveled far and wide to attend a variety of photography workshops given by some masters. If you check out her site, you’ll see some portraits she’s taken of me, her documented amazing work and travels:D

In the past, I know she’s battled with the forced-wide-grinned-pearly-white smile, including myself:P Hopefully,these images above showcase a glimpse into the natural true beauty of Janet.

Thanks Jan for this awesome time and all that you learn and share:D