serena + ray = baby ryan

I can’t help but smile from ear to ear whenever I see baby Ryan. Is it his saggy cheeks? His perky ears? Or just his entire fabulous face? I love allll of it!! I remember the day Serena told me she and Ray were expecting their first child…cuz I had tears–yes I’m an emotional woman:P Serena and I have been teacher colleagues for quite some time. We’ve seen each other through the tough times and the super glorious days. I’ve always had great respect for her as a person, colleague and now a super mom:) She has an unlimited amount of patience and love for people. Ryan is going to be spoiled with her goodness. Ray is an awesome dad. He’s great at lending a listening ear and giving the very best advice. Plus he’s also multi-talented with his video/photography/drumming gigs. Ryan has inherited some serious gear. I know without a doubt baby Ryan is now part of an amazing family.