Jon + Judy + Jayden

Jayden has grown so much since the last time I took photos of him…he was only weeks old. Now he’s running, talking, laughing and eating big bowls of food (evidence found in size of belly and cheeks). This particular day he was a little more cautious of the mulchy ground and suspicious looking animals:P Luckily, Jack-Jack, his best monkey friend made a surprise appearance during the trip to keep him company. Those two are literally inseparable.

Judy and Jon are amazing parents. Jayden is loved all around the clock. The way Judy flawlessly plans for Jayden’s every need shows her super mommy dedication to her little monkey. Jon has great patience and is definitely passing down his jokester genes. Jayden has become quite the little tease:) I’ve seen his coy expressions in full effect around my 1yr old daughter Gem. There’s an unspoken bond between them that my husband Lon refuses to acknowledge. Who can blame Gem? Jayden’s got mommy’s beauty genes and daddy’s charm.