bonnie * felix * waverley

Waverley is one of those girls who is always on. the. go. She’s full of life, energy, loves to dance, sing and perform: watch out broadway–here she comes!!! Did I mention she’s super cute? She charms people with her eyes and her undeniably infectious smile:) Bonnie and Felix, though are tired of physically keeping up with her, both know they are blessed with having a daughter who just can’t contain her spirit for living life large.

Bonnie hasn’t stopped running after Waverley from the word go. I’m in awe of how much she loves, cares and keeps up with her every move of every second. She’s a devoted wife and working mom that I admire and look up to. Felix finds joy in setting free Waverley’s need for speed and adventure. Yet he also has the instinct to protect her from all harm. Both parents love to travel and expose Waverley’s need to see and experience all amazing things the world has to offer. I’m very curious to see how Waverley conquers the world, and how much it will change because of her.