baby emmalina

Emmalina is a dream sleeper. She’s also quite the beauty:) Jenny and Eric are going to have to keep watch for future boys lining up at the door…and on fb, twitter, + who knows what else!?! Hopefully, big brother Ethan will help keep an eye out with a protective arm around her.

Jenny has been blessed yet again with an amazing sleeping baby. However, she’s hoping that her girl genes will kick in and be more mellow than Ethan. He’s an amazing big brother, sneaking in kisses for Emmalina here and there–so sweet. But he’s an active boy and is keeping mom pretty busy. Baby Emma has daddy already wrapped around her teeny tiny finger. I’m assuming it doesn’t take much to make daddy melt…just one look. Emmalina is lucky to have two great parents. Jenny’s the one who is prepared for everything and anything that comes her way. Eric is her rock and will do anything for her. Both parents adore her to no end. Beautiful family.