my baby having babies?

I came home one day after running some errands to find Lon passed out in the corner and Stellar as is. As you can see, I really don’t have to do much planning to get quirky pictures of Stellar, simply because of her natural sense of imaginary play. It’s truly amazing to watch kids create elaborate stories with very little to work with. All they really need is a cardboard box. I’ve witnessed some pretty cool cardboard box ‘houses’ set up at other homes. Most of the time, I feel that my money and efforts are wasted on gimmicky type of toys. The ones that require little to no use of imagination.

This particular day, Stellar decided to have twins. She explained to me how it was hard work carrying her babies (she’s listened in to many mommy conversations):P In addition to her twins she also had 2 other children grabbing for her attention. I tried to empathize, but I’m only a mother of 2—hehee. Miraculously, she delivered both healthy stuffed baby pandas in about two whole seconds! Yes, mommy and pandas are all doing well:) Congrats Stellar! OMG, does this mean I’m a grandma??