Gem of the year

yes people, I’m now one.So it’s officially been a year since my little Gem Gem, Gemiqua, Gemmy, Gemmifer, Gemalicious, Gemster, Gemalaya came into this crazy world. She’s been such a huge blessing to Lon, myself and especially Stellar. Generally, she’s been super chill & relaxed like Lon. Stellar’s intense & passionate about what she wants, just like her mommy:P We’ve described Gem’s look as Beiber-ish, a little Donald Trump & homeless. Her hair has quite the personality if you’ve seen it up close and personal. Even so, she has the most beautiful smile and can hold her own against her sister when she needs to with hand swats & super shrieks.

I know you’re not supposed to compare children, but I’m guessing most parents have and still do:P We’ve noticed that Gem’s taken her time with most of her development compared to Stellar. It took her most of the year to associate the word ‘mama’ directly with me, she hasn’t started to walk yet (would rather scoot on her bum), plus her first teeth took about a year to come through. But with that said, she does live up to her name, even at the ripe old age of 1. My lil’ Gem is a gem.