Baby Luke: April fool’s surprise

Chester checking out his new baby brother.Who’s waking me up from my beauty sleep?

So happy with momma.

Sweet daddy time.

Check me out in the fur:)I had bet that baby Luke was a girl, obviously, I was wrong:P It was mostly based upon the shape of Sylvia’s baby belly. Round=a girl. Pointy=a boy. I really don’t know the origin of this ‘fact’ but it didn’t hold true in this case. However, there is no mistake in Luke being the most tiny + super fabulous baby boy I’ve seen in a while. He definitely enjoyed being photographed. A natural poser. My fave is smiling while sleeping!

Sylvia is already an amazing mother. She was very well prepared for Luke’s arrival. I even picked up some tips on how to properly separate baby clothes in drawers, needless to say, she’s gifted at organization. I’m waiting for the day she can come out with baby Luke and help me organize my house, for real. No rush Syl! lol. Just watching Sylvia with baby Luke tells me he’s incredibly loved. He’s super blessed to have such a great momma.

Daddy Gary is beyond awesome. He makes sure that Sylvia has as much rest as possible. Even though this is his first son, I can tell he’s a natural. Most nights have been spent with daddy in the rocker…way to go Gary! I’m sure Gary & Sylvia have big hopes and dreams for their little boy, but for now, eating, sleeping, peeing + pooping are at the top of their list. Welcome to the world Luke!!!