march snow

second attempt at making a snowman this wintervery rare calmly posed picture of Stellarmajor giggles after snowman’s head falls offOur very first attempt at making a snowman was very sad, it was at most 10 cm in height. This winter’s snow, though abundant, wasn’t sticky enough to make a huge snowman. But it was definitely great for ‘Bath-tubogganing‘! Being from Ottawa, I’m used to TONS of snow. So having it snow in March & April isn’t out of the ordinary for me. I miss the seeing the gigantic snow & ice sculptures featured during the winter festival. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also in great anticipation for spring to actually come to stay–I have kids who are in need of outdoor activities that don’t require snow suits!! Plus I’m itching to have outdoor BBQ parties ASAP…mmMMmm…the smell of blackened meat & veggies awaits.