“I am Chinese” – Stellar.

Now that Chinese New Year is over, Stellar insists on wearing her special new year’s outfit almost every day and announcing to others that she is Chinese. Did she voluntarily wear it for pictures on the actual New Year day?? Nope. Not surprising. I went on Youtube to show her various lion dance performances thinking that she would be to scared to actually view it live in person. After a few clips, she insisted on going to see a live lion dance. After I warned her many times that it would be very LOUD, I found a public performance that was happening the very next day at Markville mall.

We headed there right after church service that Sunday and it was of course, packed with a sea of black heads. Stellar and I wiggled our way in through the crowd to find a spot where we could see…something. Then an old dude in a Money God costume came out to give all the kids in the crowd a red pocket containing a chocolate coin. I was surprised at how ‘orderly’ the kids…uhh…I mean, the parents were while waiting to get their ‘lucky money’. Stellar seemed to be okay with the loud drumming and the lion dances…until I asked her to stand beside the lion performer for a photo…”MOmmmmyyyyy…..tOOooo scarrryyyy.” Even after looking into the mouth of the lion to see the people inside wasn’t enough of a sell. Well, looks like baby Gabriel was up for the challenge: no fear.