4 yr old in heels

Inspired by posed wedding shoes…like those fancy Christian Louboutin’s.But do the Louboutin’s heel flash with lights? I think not.Every trip we take to the Disney Store consists of Stellar trying on ALL of the different variations of ‘princess shoes’. Plastic sandals with heels, made for girls as young as 1 yr old. She then attempts to walk around the store, bound to trip and fall on her face with every step she takes. She doesn’t even bother to try on the flats…”I like heels mommy”. I don’t even know where she gets this idea from, I rarely wear heels myself, but I guess her knowing that I own them is good enough for her.

I’ve delayed buying her a pair as long as I could. My thought was that she could just play with them at the Disney Store and that would be it. Then the Disney Store by our house closed down. Darn it. One random day our family decides to scout for another one for her entertainment. I saw a pair on clearance for under $4.00. I don’t know what possessed me to buy it…actually I do know…it was cheap and I wanted to make her happy. Yes, I had a weak moment and was suckered, yet again. Disney Store: 10+pts vs Mommy: 0.