reading buddies

Stellar loves reading. Actually, she prefers mommy and daddy reading while she asks a ton of questions…about each page. “Why does that guy have an angry face?” “Why are her legs red, is she wearing tights?” “Where is his/her mommy and daddy?” The last question is asked almost every time she sees a character on a page without any parents around–yes, she’s a little attached. Her favourite read is Pinkalicious, it has become one of those books in which I can recite word for word. Another fave is the Paper Bag Princess. At end of the story, the princess calls the prince a “bum” for obvious reasons. I then added that Stellar should never marry a bum. She replied, “I don’t want to marry a bum, I’m going to marry Gem.” I’m sure if Stellar and Gem got married, it would solve all of Daddy’s worst fears.