ottawa playtime

I’ve been to the Museum of Civilization many times as a kid growing up in Ottawa. Listening to the French speaking public has always been the norm for me. Now that I’ve spent the last 9 years working and living in T.O., going back to visit and not seeing a sea of multi-ethnic people gives me a little culture shock every time:P Yes, I was usually the only asian girl in elementary school. My classmates would always suggest that I ‘get-together’ with the other only asian boy in class. Problem: he was at least 2 feet shorter than me.

We took Stellar & Gem to the Children’s Museum during our stay in Ottawa for the Christmas holidays. It’s a really weird feeling bringing my kids to places where I’ve spent time as a child. Bonus: teacher’s get in free:D It’s been so long since I’ve been back. Some parts looked familiar, but most of it looked completely new. Either they’ve made renovations or my case of ‘mommy brain’ is sUPer severe. Speaking of having no memory, I recently mentioned to Lon about posting up shots from this trip to the Museum. He replied, “What Museum??”. This is yet another reason for my new camera purchase…to record the story of our lives in preparation for an early onset of Alzheimer’s—no joke. I’m envisioning ‘The Notebook’ movie, except, the other way around.