newest member of the family

Today, I dropped some major change! For the past year, I’ve been yearning, wanting, ‘needing’ a full frame DSLR. I currently own a Canon Rebel Xsi with the kit lens, and no others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning the Canon Rebel, I’ve just slowly grown a real interest for the prime lenses to compliment my style of shooting. Yes, I know it’s also quite alright to use prime lenses on existing crop sensored bodies. The recalibration didn’t really work for me, I guess I’m just drawn to the simplicity of A+B=C line of thought.

Why the switch to Nikon? I guess you can say that I haven’t really invested much into one brand up to this point. So I felt I could go either way and be happy. It was a personal choice influenced by other respected photographers, websites, and maybe a ‘heads or tails’ toss:P In the end, I’m just SO excited with this new purchase, and totally scared at the same time. The fear comes from this being a little step closer to building my own editorial children+family focused photography business. Ohh boy, I declared it publicly…writing that last sentence has literally made my heart race a lot faster. What’s next? Maybe taking the camera out of the box and charging the battery:D A big thank you to Lon, my hubby, who has continually encouraged me to take these steps towards committing to and doing what I love: photography.