A little monkey business

Yes, it’s a winter wonderland outside, but there’s a few set of photos I didn’t get to post up before 2011. This is exhibit A. A time when we didn’t have to spend hours dressing and undressing for the cold! We recently brought out the monkey suit again to help explain that Mr. Grinch is NOT real and he’s really just a guy named ‘Steve’ (dunno the dude’s real name) who’s job is to put on the Grinch costume to sing & dance. A few weeks back, I brought Stellar to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical”. I thought it was a lot of fun, Stellar on the other hand, spent a good half of the show hiding behind the seats in the theatre…and is now having Grinchy dreams:(. What’s funny is that she just brought home the book “Green Eggs and Ham” from the school library. During the read, I was wondering if she would make the connection between the characters in the story resembling the Grinch, and of course, she did…so we moved on to the next book:P.