To infinity and beyond.Hurry up Stellar, I’m already at the top!A little more snug that I thought…Daddyyy, are you sure this is a good idea??I told you this was a silly idea.WhooHooo! Bath-tubogganing is soo much fun!! (daddy…stop pretending.) This all started when I asked Lon if we should get a toboggan since we don’t already have one. Lon then had the ‘great idea’ to use Stellar and Gem’s old baby bathtub. Many thoughts came to mind…something in the range of how ‘brilliant’ my husband is:P All I knew was that I had to capture the moment with pictures AND video! Unfortunately, the tub didn’t get very far down the hill. Maybe because it’s NOT designed to go down snow. We then resorted to the old school garbage bag method…still works! I must admit that the whole ordeal was a lot of fun:) Lesson of the day: Reuse, Renew, Recycle!