japadog virgins

serious decision making in process
putting on the bells & whistles while being filmedtalking about virgin japadog experiencedigging in…describing his first time experience
I love hot dogs. I know they’re not healthy for you, because of all the mystery/left over meat they contain…but I still lov’em. I remember having to make deals with Lon, begging and pleading to be allowed to eat only ‘one’ hot dog a month while I was pregnant both times:P Did I break the agreement at times? YoouuU betcha!! If you’re preggers, the nitrates in those lil’ dogs aren’t healthy for baby if eaten too much. I tried those tofu ones but they’re just gross. Recently, I found a company that makes some tasty hot dogs withOUT nitrates at a baby show convention. I literally said to them, “Where were you when I was pregnant!?!”

During our recent Vancouver family trip, Lon wanted to check out the Japadog hype. I was quite surprised that HE initiated this idea instead of me. It just so happened that the Food Network crew were doing some taping that very afternoon for their Eat Street segment coming up next spring. As Lon was being taped, I had to document it. Later, the crew dragged me in as well to give my opinion on the Japadog. Lon and I both found it very difficult to really enjoy & taste it while being taped and having to answer questions. I still wonder why I wasn’t all over the Japadog experience. I guess it’s because food tastes better when I’m NOT allowed to have it.