flower girl

Stellar was asked to be the flower girl for ‘Uncle Sam’s’ wedding. She hasn’t seen him in a long time since he moved to HK but she still remembered him from all the times he played w/ her during our small group sessions. In the past, Stellar wasn’t all that interested in wearing dresses –but I’ve learned that kids can just change their minds overnight. By the time the wedding came around, she loved twirling around in all of her summer dresses. Having her successfully walking down the aisle all by herself was yet another challenge. Jelly beans was her bribe of choice, but that alone didn’t do the trick. In the end, she walked down with one of auntie Fiona’s bridesmaids. I usually see Stellar being super silly/crazy–but watching her enjoy herself in the puffy white dress made me flash forward thoughts of her own future wedding day–eek!