smr2 After a long crazy winter, we’re all glad you finally showed up:)

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Grandparents and grand kids playing together on a warm sunny spring day is…. pure magic.

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dr1dr3dr19dr15dr17dr4dr6dr9dr10dr11dr14dr20dr27dr21dr23dr22dr32dr28dr33dr26dr13 Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! We left our busy city and allowed the Dominican to recalibrate our mind and body. It was a great trip that had a balance of adventure and leisure:) Zip lining over forests, meeting dolphins and feeding monkeys didn’t allow for the camera but were all amazing to experience. Actually, what I enjoyed most was visiting the local people and getting a glimpse into their simple and challenging, yet vibrant lives. Driving every day on the local roads was an adventure in itself, by the end of our trip Lon picked up some new death defying skills. My only regret is not being able to stay behind and witness the partnership of World Vision Youth and Live Different building a new home for a family with the direct support of their local community. Maybe next time:)

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sfl1sfl5sfl6sfl11sfl3sfl12sfl10sfl14 So awesome to see old friends with a brand new edition in the family! This fabulous young couple have been living an amazing new life in Hong Kong. I was privileged to capture some memories during their visit back to Toronto. Sam and Fiona were looking forward to a more ‘spring-like’ type of weather here but instead experienced the same heat wave they’re used to:P Nonetheless, they still rocked it. Baby Lucas is an absolute sweet heart and a pro at loving the camera. Samfi, you’re amazing people and it was great witnessing you both now as amazing parents!!

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lcweb11lcweb2lcweb1lcweb8lcweb9 Baby Victoria and BIG brother Nathan are enjoying their new found friendship. They play together, read together and most of all giggle together. They’ve found the recipe to a life long relationship of love.

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It seems like just yesterday that I took photos of baby Luke, now he’s running circles around me and climbing better than some monkeys. He’s now a proud big brother to his baby sister Miah. Luke loves to take a break from his busy life to give her tons of cuddles and kisses. Syl and Gary couldn’t be happier…probably hoping she’ll help keep watch and report on all of Luke’s future climbing adventures.

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So precious. Looking at baby Leah now, you wouldn’t suspect that she was delivered by daddy–at home!!! Yes, he should now and forever be referred to as SUPER DAD! I have no words. Well, except for the fact that my hubby would probably be on the ground, passed out:P He opted for being at the ‘head’ of the bed during both births–need I say more? But let’s not forget Helen a.k.a. Miraculous Momma, endured quite a unique delivery–a woman of immense strength.

Big sister Ema couldn’t be more proud and sweet. Her momma instincts have already kicked into high gear. Helen and John are amazing parents to the most beautiful girls. Ema just inherited a super cute bff. Sisters rule.

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